Kalender fuld størrelse

  • Årsmøde Dansk Selskab for Arbejds- og miljømedicin

    9. marts 2022 - 10. marts 2022  
    DSB's kuruscenter, Knudshoved



  • Training Course On Introduction To Occupational Epidemiology: Non-Standard Employment, Work Environment And Health

    28. marts 2022 - 1. april 2022  
    Barcelona, Spain

    Training Course on Introduction to Occupational Epidemiology: Non-standard Employment, Work Environment and Health - OMEGA-NET (omeganetcohorts.eu)



  • NIVA course on Occupational Hazards and Reproductive Health,

    26. april 2022 - 28. april 2022  
    Malmö, Sweden


    Welcome to our NIVA course on
    Occupational Hazards and Reproductive Health
    26th-28th of April 2022,
    Quality Hotel View, Malmö, Sweden

    Most inhabitants of reproductive age has worked for many years before pursuing pregnancy, and the majority of women continue to work throughout pregnancy in the Nordic countries. Still, we know little about the work environment relative to reproductive function, and occupational factors do not receive much attention compared to e.g. chemicals in consumer products and in the outer environment.

    Course objectives
    This course aims to update knowledge on occupational reproductive health hazards required for understanding and preventing risks to pregnancy and fertility, as well as providing insight into the needs for further study within this field.

    Target groups
    Occupational health and safety professionals, occupational physicians, researchers and PhD-students, prevention personnel.

    Course program
    Click here to see the preliminary course program.
    Course leaders
    Karin Sørig Hougaard, Senior researcher, National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE), Copenhagen, Denmark
    Lars Rylander, Professor, Lund University, Sweden

    Registration deadline: 20th of March 2022

    Register here

    The course website is to be found here.​​​​​​


    Kind regards,
    Cecilia Weckman
    Project Manager & Quality Assurance Advisor
    Mobile +358 40 1258 748

    c/o Folkhälsan
    Topeliuksenkatu 20
    FI-00250 Helsinki

    What? Occupational Hazards and Reproductive Health
    Where? Hyllie Stationstorg 29, 215 32 Malmö, Sweden
    When? 26.4.2022-28.4.2022

    Register: Personal registration link

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  • NIVA course on Working Hours and Health,

    16. maj 2022 - 18. maj 2022  
    Folkhälsan, Helsinki, Finland


    Working Hours and Health

    16th – 18th of May 2022
    Folkhälsan, Helsinki, Finland

    Shift work and demanding working hours are related to a wide range of public health problems ranging from disturbed sleep and accidents to chronic health problems and challenges in work-life balance. Knowledge on the health aspects of shift work has increased rapidly during the last few year, also due to new data from the Nordic countries. Information on actions to alleviate the health consequences of demanding working hours are timely. Flexible working hour models in expert work have become more common and raise new questions and solutions for prevention. This course will discuss current issues related to working hours, future research and prevention methods.

    Main topics:

    • Night shift work, long and irregular working hours, prevalence and exposure assessment
    • Research methods
    • Working hours, health and well-being
    • Shift scheduling and other countermeasures
    • Specific target groups
    • A satellite symposium to working hour researchers (WINC symposium) after the NIVA course

    WINC – Working hours In the Nordic Countries:
    Participants at the NIVA Working Hours and Health -course will have the possibility to attend a WINC seminar on Thursday, 19th of May 2022, free of charge (including the seminar lunch). The seminar will focus on latest scientific research on working hours, health and well-being. You are also welcome to send your own abstract to the seminar.

    Course leader:

    Mikko Härmä, Professor, MD, PhD, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland

    Registration deadline: April 14th 2022

    [Preliminary program]

    [More information]


    Kind regards,

    Linda Oksanen

    Project Manager and Communications Advisor

    Mobile +358 40 5463 277



    Topeliuksenkatu 20

    FI-00250 Helsinki






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  • Public and Occupational Health in Sustainable Agriculture - conference

    22. august 2022 - 24. august 2022  
    Odense, Denmark