DASAM – Danish Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 


  • The national society for physicians specialized in Occupational Medicine
  • A forum for medical doctors, psychologist, researchers and others with special interest in Occupational and Environmental Medicine
  • Established in 1980

Current board of DASAM:

    • Harald Meyer, MD, president
    • Inger Schaumburg, MD, vice-president
    • Margrethe Bordado Sköld, MD, secretary
    • Gitte Jacobsen, MD, cashier
    • Sorosh Taba, MD
    • Pernille Melander Thorsen, cand. psych
    • Mette Lausten Hansen, MD
    • Marianne Kyndi, MD, observer from Gødstrup Hospital
    • Astrid Rosenberg Eskildsen, MD, observer from YAM (Junior doctors in Occupational Medicine)

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Tasks and mission

  • Education and training in Occupational Medicine
  • Promoting Research in Occupational Medicine
  • Clinical guidelines/Best practice.
    The guidelines (in Danish) are available here:

  • Working for a better work environment both nationally and internationally
    • Surveillance of developments in occupational and environmental diseases
  • Participation in the public debate
    • Health
    • Work environment
    • Environmental issues
  • Influence politicians and government
  • Advising the National Board of Health in Denmark
    • Specialist training
    • Needs for specialists
    • Development of the specialty
  • Developing highly specialized functions
    • Allergology
    • Toxicology
    • Rehabilitation


Associated organizations

YAM – Junior Doctors in Occupational Medicine


PAM– Psychologist In Occupational Medicine


Occupational Medicine in Denmark

  • Specialist in Occupational Medicine
    • 150 specialists in Occupational Medicine
    • 55 working in the specialty
    • About 25 junior doctors in specialization at the moment
    • (25. 565  physicians in total in Denmark)