Farming, Health and Environment 2010-2013


Farming, Health and Environment 2013-2017




Experiences of a student

Anna Sabine Clausen, Medical Student
Title of assignment: Effect of IPM intervention on farmers.

  • As a part of my master thesis I spent three weeks in Uganda to take part in the follow-up data collection of the project ”Pesticides Health and Environment – Uganda 2010-13”. I was working with the project staff and local students from Uganda. We were doing interviews with small-scale farmers after a standardized questionnaire. I learned a lot about carrying out a study and the complications that you may face in the process. I saw the farmers’ working conditions as well as their living conditions, which gave me an understanding of why the farmers use the pesticides and why it may be difficult for them to make changes since they depend on their production. In addition to the experience from the project I learned much about Ugandan culture and I got a better understanding of the local problems that the Ugandan people are facing. I am convinced that the process of data collection broadened my horizon about the complexity and importance of international occupational health.”


More information
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